About Us

Huntingdon Web Design was established in 2006 by Greg Chapman in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, and our first website was for Ramsey Glass (sadly no longer in business). Since then we have relocated to Cambridge and have designed dozens of sites, mostly for local businesses.

We are a small company and understand that new businesses may not have big budgets for their websites, which can be frighteningly expensive. We also know that if you are new to the game you don't want to hear a lot of technical jargon.

With us you can be assured of a friendly, local service.

How it works

First we discuss your needs, for example, how many pages you will need. You may want to suggest an existing site whose layout you like - we can then use that as a starting point to create your own site.

You can then send us any text or images you would like to use, preferably by email. If you don't have any suitable images we can find these for you, or we can scan or photograph existing material.


Then we put together a draft page for your approval, and upload it to our test space. We do not upload the final version until you are completely happy with the design.

Depending on the size and complexity of a site the design and build time can often be very quick, perhaps within a week or two, provided that all material is submitted promptly and in digital form.

Once we have created your website we maintain it and provide ongoing support, as well as any number of mailboxes for your email. Your site will be submitted to Google.