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There are many variables involved but this calculator will give you a rough idea.


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Pricing in more detail

Please note that most of the charges are one-off payments. Recurring charges are shown in red.

Registering a UK domain (.co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk - price per two-year period)... £20
Or registering a US domain (eg .com or .org - price per year) £25
Hosting per year £25
Transferring a domain name. £5
Price for designing first web page (including some modest graphic design elements) £70
Price for next five pages, per page £40
Price for subsequent pages, per page £30
Minor text editing of web pages (first hour per month) Free
Additional editing of web pages per hour, eg adding pictures £20
Contact form £20
Facebook links £15
Picture gallery £30
Google map £20
Mp3 player £25
Logo design From £50
Site statistics £20